Since 1989 Tim Garrison and David Williams have combined their talents to create a home and gardens with the ambience of a seaside resort and the aura of a spa.  Known as Eagle Hill, their home is acclaimed for the hosts’ yard and gardens as well as their family of miniature poodles which have attracted international attention.  The name Eagle Hill originates as the name of a kennel situated at the highest point of Marion County, Indiana.  It was registered in 1953 with the American Kennel Club by Frank Medenwald as the single word Eaglehill.  As a teenager, Tim began his lifelong involvement in purebred dogs and worked for the kennel.  When Frank passed away in 1969 he bequeathed the name to Tim to continue using in the single word form for his own dogs.  Today, over 50 champions of record with the AKC have been produced under this banner, including more than 25 miniature poodle champions since Tim joined forces with David in 1989.

Both Tim and David retired from active employment at Bayer Research Center upon its closing in 2007.  Tim held  positions in research on arthritis, diabetes, obesity, pharmacokinetics and oncology research and David held numerous research positions in inflammation, arthritis, osteoporosis and oncology research.  They are actively pursuing new interests while offering their existing skill sets as services to a select clientele.